PAC is a meeting place for adults, children and students wishing to make acquaintance with the key players of contemporary art. It offers free guided tours for single visitors, guided tours for groups and schools, free workshops for children and teens, meetings with teachers and a short guide brochure for everyone. At every exhibition, we organise activities to get the audience closer to the artworks and make them accessible and understandable to everyone!


What you can do at PAC:


By yourself

At the entrance you will receive a free guide brochure, with all the necessary information to understand  the artist's works and artistic processes.


Free guided tours

The exhibition is a complete different experience when explained by our experts!

Every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and every Thursday at 7:00 p.m.,  free guided tours are available to all our visitors.

If you wish to participate, just arrive at PAC ten minutes before the scheduled time, buy a ticket and report your presence to the guide.



Book a guided tour with one of our experts in contemporary art. The tour lasts approximately one hour.

Groups with their own tour leader and guide are kindly requested to inform us not later than one week before your arrival.

€ 130 in English

book : - T 339 57 13 185


Teachers and students

Book a guided tour for your students. Contemporary art deals with our time and faces current issues: to ask questions, to analyse and discuss the exhibition with an expert is an experience you will not forget.

On request we also manage class workshops.

If you want to guide the visit yourself you can request preparatory material. In this case we ask you to inform us not later than one week before your arrival.

€ 80 with guide

Book : - T 339 57 13 185


Children and teens

PAC manages free workshops for children and teens: with our educators, they will visit the exhibition and learn the languages of contemporary art, and using the same techniques as the artist they will create their personal works to take home!

Ask for more to - T 339 57 13 185

Padiglione d'Arte

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