29 February 2020 ore 19:00

The Mediterranean Sea, once understood as a fluid entity aiding the formation of networks and exchange, is now the site of a humanitarian crisis and heated geopolitical dispute. Following scholar Alessandra Di Maio’s adaptation of Paul Gilroy’s concept of the Black Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Black Med (2019) aims at intercepting the trajectories that sounds trace when passing through this protean area. Divided into different chapters, the Black Med listening sessions are based on a DJ set supported by a series of projected slides containing theoretical texts and backstories referring to the musical pieces.
For Performing PAC, Invernomuto presents the fourth chapter of Black Med, which expands their research around sound crossing the Mediterranean towards eastern routes, to include a detour in the Gulf area.
Simone Bertuzzi and Simone Trabucchi have been collaborating as Invernomuto since 2003. Although their work focuses primarily on the moving image and sound, they also integrate sculpture, performance and publishing into their practice. Currently Invernomuto are developing a new commission for the 2020 Liverpool Biennial and the 58th October Salon-Belgrade Biennial 2020. Black Med, was conceived in 2018 for Manifesta 12 (Palermo) and has recently been part of the performance programme at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. Their work has been shown at TATE (London), Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna), Galleria Nazionale (Rome), MAXXI (Rome), Museion (Bozen), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin).


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