Zehra Doğan
16.02 - 19.09.2021
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The new PAC Project Room series opens with a focus on Kurdish artist Zehra Doğan, a journalist, visual artist and activist who has brought new attention to art born in prison and based on listening to the other, feminist practice, sharing, use of extemporaneous material and instantaneousness of the gaze.


THE TIME OF BUTTERFLIES. Dedicated to Patria, Minerva, Teresa Mirabal, curated by Elettra Stamboulis and realized in co-production with Fondazione Brescia Musei, it began on November 25 with the publication on the PAC website of a performance by the artist on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and is completed with the exhibition of a selection of works created by the artist in prison and a new performance, conceived for the PAC.


The title of the project at PAC,THE TIME OF BUTTERFLIES. Dedicated to Patria, Minerva, Teresa Mirabal is a tribute to Aida Patria Mercedes, Maria Argentina Minerva, Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabal, the three sisters who fought the dictatorship (1930-1961) of the Dominican Rafael Leónidas Trujillo under the battle name Las Mariposas (The Butterflies) and for which they lost their lives.


Zehra Doğan (Diyarbakır, 1989) is a Kurdish artist and journalist with a degree in Art and Design from Dicle University. On February 23, 2017, following the publication of a drawing on Twitter during the Turkish army's attack on Nusaybin, she was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison. Detained first in the women's prison of Diyarbakir, then in the maximum security prison of Tarsus, she manages to create, together with other inmates, a journalistic editorial office inside the prison and to create works using the objects she has at her disposal. Her works reach abroad in a haphazard way, through the network of activists and the help of her family. Released on February 24, 2019, she moves to London where she exhibits an installation at the Tate. In November, Fondazione Brescia Musei opens her first solo exhibition, Avremo anche giorni migliori. In 2015 she wins the Metin Göktepe Journalism Awards for her reportage on Yazidi women. Since her release from prison, she has received numerous awards, including the Carol Rama Prize and the Hypatia Prize for Female Excellence (2020), the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression (2019), the Exceptional Courage in Journalism Award (2019), the Spring of Press Freedom (2018) and the Freethinker Prize (2017).


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