A special and private event, a business meeting, a convention out of the ordinary, a personalised guided tour, a lively time. At PAC, you can


PAC is the most prestigious space in Milan for contemporary art and our audience is ever-growing and demanding. There are many ways in which companies can interact with us and so many opportunities for a brand to get in synergy with contemporary art.


We are always looking for supporters to our projects, not only exhibitions but also activities to engage our audience in. We have been working for years in contemporary art and with its international players and together we can create any special project to enhance and communicate your brand.

Technical parter

Did you ever think of it? An exhibition of contemporary art can become a very original showcase for your company's products and services. Become the technical sponsor of an exhibition. We will work together to integrate your business within our  projects!

Corporate events

Meetings, parties behind closed doors, private guided tours, welcome coffee, conferences, conventions, product presentations and exclusive dinners in the scenery of an exhibition space. At PAC you can organise your special event in the centre of Milan, inside a historic building overlooking Via Palestro gardens and among the works of the most popular international artists.

Special Projects for your business

Contemporary art is creativity, communication, innovation, new languages, new stories, anticipation, international approach. All this can become a leverage to improve your business vision, motivate your staff and open new horizons.

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