In this section we upload details regarding the current exhibition with a gallery of images for the press, advance material on the exhibitions scheduled and all the press releases issued earlier.

Beware: the images uploaded on this page may only be used to review the exhibition underway at PAC; any other use is available only if granted by the direction of PAC. Remember also to properly report caption and credits, if any.

If you are a journalist and wish to visit an exhibition to write a review on it, you can get a free access directly at the PAC, upon request to the press office (see below), indicating the magazine or newspaper and the day of your visit. Otherwise, access is provided to journalists with a 50% discount, upon presentation at the ticket office of the ODG badge with the stamp of the current year.

Please contact our press office if you wish to interview the artist or editor of the exhibition, to request a catalogue or high-resolution images.


PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi | +39 02 36789480

Silvana Editoriale | Lidia Masolini tel. 02 45395111


Recent Press Releases

(pdf) Brasil. Knife in the flesh

(pdf) YA BASTA HIJOS DE PUTA. Teresa Margolles

(pdf) JING SHEN The Act of Painting in Contemporary China

(pdf) GLITCH. Interferenze tra arte e cinema


(pdf) mostra Regina Josè Galindo. Estoy Viva

(pdf) performance Exhalación (estoy viva)

(pdf) mostra Adrian Paci. Vite in Transito