Saturday 14 October
13th Day of Contemporary Art
14 October 2017, H 18:00 - 00:00

PAC come back to join the Day of Contemporary Art, organized for Saturday 14 October 2017 by AMACI Associazione dei Musei d’Arte Contemporanea Italiani (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums) of which the PAC has been a foundering member since 2003. As for tradition, the PAC will be open free to the public also for this 13th edition with the exhibition IO, LUCA VITONE.


As founding member of AMACI, PAC opens its exhibition space free of charge within 24 museums and more than 1000 other contemporary art spaces in Italy: it is the major event conceived for contemporary art and its public. The past editions have seen more than 200.000 visitors over the whole country.



Proceed the project to commit an Italian artist internationally renowned to design the main image of the Contemporary Art Day, a pourpose that in the past has involved Michelangelo Pistoletto (2006), Maurizio Cattelan (2007), Paola Pivi (2008), Luigi Ontani (2009), Stefano Arienti (2010), Giulio Paolini (2011), Francesco Vezzoli (2012), Marzia Milgiora (2013), Adrian Paci (2014), Alfredo Pirri (2015) and Emilio Isgrò (2017).



This year the artist selected is Liliana Moro with is work Pane quotidiano, conceived specifically for the national event.

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