1 — 3.3 h 14:30-21
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From Friday 1 to Sunday 3 March from 14:30 to 21 continuously you can see 5 video of contemporary artists who have worked on the concept of identity and gender:

Melanie Bonajo
Night Soil - Economy of Love, 2015
The video portrays a Brooklyn-based movement of female sex workers who regard their work as a way for women to reclaim power in a male-dominated pleasure zone, their mission being to rearrange sexual conventions and ideas about intimacy itself.

Grada Kilomba
In her ILLUSIONS series (2016–ongoing), Grada Kilomba combines Greek myths with video, text, and storytelling, in order to explore symbolism and allegory as carriers of oppression.

Cristina Lucas
Habla, 2008
Talk is a video (documenting a performance) in which the artist can be seen holding a hammer which she uses to destroy a huge statue of Moses. With each blow of the hammer, she screams at the father of the three monotheistic religions: “Speak! Speak! Speak!”.

Javier Téllez
La Batalla de México, 2004
In the video a fictious patient-militia takes over a psychiatric hospital in Mexico City, their faces concealed by ski masks. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) is an armed Mexican military-political leftist group.

FOR YOU, 2003
On a rotating round platform (like a music box) the artists are constrained in a pose derived from a Tango. A special double-edged knife designed by the artists is used in the performance. The knife bears an inscription on each side, engraved with the title of the piece: FOR YOU.

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