12.10 - 01.12.2019
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curated by Diego Sileo


Words and the human body take centre stage in the works of Cesare Viel, whose artistic language makes use of several media – including prose, performances, videos, photography, drawing. His artistic quest attaches great importance to the emotional connection between narrator and observer, explored via a path made up of thoughts and stories. Since the early Nineties, Viel has regarded performances, disguises, makeup, recitals or songs as a way of “conveying” himself to others; by means of a self-referential subject, the artist penetrates other situations, other bodies and stories, so as to try imagining and thinking up other forms of subjectivity that inevitably lead us to interpret art as an emotional exchange in order to communicate with the general public.


The autumn exhibition season will focus on Italian artists in honour of the National Day of Contemporary Art, promoted by AMACI (the Italian Association of Contemporary Art Museums) of which the PAC is a founding member. The artists who have been invited to participate belong to the generation born in the Sixties. On this occasion, a work of art will be gifted to the Museo del Novecento, adding to the value of its civic collections. The Eva Marisaldi (2018) and Cesare Viel (2019) exhibitions are part of this project.

Every Thursday h 6:30—8:30 pm and Sunday h 5:30—7:30 pm are reactivated two performances by Cesare Viel
Produced by Comune di Milano – Cultura; PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea; Silvana Editoriale
On the occasion of 15ª Giornata del Contemporaneo promoted by AMACI
Sponsor PAC TOD’S Group
With the contribution of Alcantara; Cairo Editore; Kartell
Supported by Vulcano

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