Luca Vitone
13.10 - 03.12.2017

curated by Luca Lo Pinto and Diego Sileo


On the occasion of the 13th edition of the Contemporary Day dedicated to Italian art, the PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan presents the exhibition Io, Luca Vitone that explores the intense wide production of the Italian artist born in 1964 in Genoa and based in Berlin.


Starting from the physical and historical architecture places, Vitone analyses a personal dimension built through a stratification of different languages connected to the identities and roots of the place itself. As a curious and untiring traveler, with a spirit lying halfway between an anarchist and a nomad, his work explores the ways in which the places built their identity through the cultural production: art, music, architecture, political associations and ethnic minority.


Curated by Luca Lo Pinto and Diego Sileo, the exhibition at PAC will cover the artistic career of Luca Vitone spanning 30 years, through a selection of his most significant projects rather than a juxtaposition of individual pieces. Following the architecture of the space, it will articulate in several rooms each one devoted to a specific body of work as they have been originally presented in their entirety. By using the entire exhibition as medium, Vitone will transform the physical space of the institution into a work functioning as a palimpsest to display other pieces, reproposing an early work contextualized in the exhibition space and a new version of his works made with dust. He will likewise employ the external space of PAC and the catalogue as a further extension of the exhibition.


The project will expand into the city with a selection of artist’s works installed at the fascinating cloisters of the Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio – one of the oldest churches in Milan founded in the 4th century –, at the Museo Diocesano and at Museo del Novecento with the work Wide City (1998).



Produced by Comune di Milano - Cultura, PAC Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea and Silvana Editoriale

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