June – September 2025
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Curated by Diego Sileo


In collaboration with New York-located Participant INC, this is the first anthological exhibition of artist Alessandro Codagnone and John Lovett. Born in Milan in 1995, the Italian-American duo has ranged with their oeuvre from photography to sculpture, from video to installation up to performance, a medium which often sees the two artists as protagonists in an ironic role-play aimed at unmasking the power relations that are defined within interpersonal relationships. Their art explores the dynamics of power and reflects on those processes of normalization in progress that castrate and suffocate sub-cultures, practices of dissent, the affirmation of the subjective. Six years after Codagnone’s death, the exhibition will be a unique opportunity to understand his relevance in the artistic panorama and his influence on the next generations.


Photo: Lovett/Codagnone, Prada, via della Spiga,  Milano, 1997. Courtesy Estate Lovett/Codagnone, New York