Novembre 2025 – Gennaio 2026
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Curated by Raqs Media Collective


Neither New Age atmosphere nor exotic divinities or seductive Bollywood stars for the new PAC collective project dedicated to world cultures through the gaze of contemporary artists. The exhibition will present that wave of experimentation and research that has hit contemporary Indian art in all its expressive forms. The result of a long and articulated research work carried out by Raqs media collective, who are also the curators of the project, the exhibition aims at immortalizing, as if in a snapshot, different generations of artists who deal with painting, photography, sculpture, installation, web art and cinema. An insight into art and life in current India, starting from the bottom, from the streets – both allegorical and otherwise –, along paths crossed by migratory flows and information highways; connection (and fracture) between rural reality and technological innovation.


Photo: Raqs, gruppo curatoriale, Yokohama Museum of Art. Photo Kato Hajime