Special guided tour
30 May 2024, H 7 pm
visita guidata

A special guided tour of the exhibition with Elvira Vannini, critic and art historian, to explore the theme of feminism in the works of Adrian Piper.


Adrian Piper is the first artist to orient conceptual art toward the interconnected issues of race and gender, in her experience as a black woman who wants to be recognized and accepted as such. To represent the overlap of the two cultures, the white and the black, she wrote in her Political Portrait #2 (1979) that she did not live the Black Experience of the militant years, but "the Grey Experience". The guided tour will address feminist issues from self-representation in which the body is the primary motive to struggles for women's rights, from the unfinished revolution of the Second Wave (in reference to her text Second Wave Feminism: Unfinished Business) to the politics of racial and sexual identity that have opened a gap in the artistic-speculative investigation of the articulation between the self, identity (gender) and subjectivity, combining the logic of conceptual art with feminism's insights into the political character of personal experience.


At the end of the guided tour, a video of the lecture Second Wave Feminism: Unfinished Business given by Adrian Piper at the National Academy of Art in Oslo in 2014 will be shown.



Elvira Vannini is an art historian and critic. PhD in Contemporary Art History at the University of Bologna, graduate of the School of Specialization in Art History. Since 2010, she has been a lecturer in NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. In 2017 she founded the blog/magazine Hot Potatoes (www.hotpotatoes.it) dedicated to the relationships between art, gender and politics through the analysis of exhibition complexes, from a feminist perspective.