Project Room | Silvia Giambrone
04.04 - 11.06.2023
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The Project Room, curated by Diego Sileo, exhibits the work of artist Silvia Giambrone SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT.

"Receiving a ‘dick pic’ is not considered much these days. It happens everyday to many people (women and men) and it seems it has almost become  a social phenomenon that is not even considered outrageous anymore as we are so domesticated to pornography that we tend to forget it is eventually a harassment what we are talking about.
The stalker I’ve had for more than a year sent me 46 videos of himself masturbating and wrote horribly gross things to me. When telling people about that I realized just a few of them took what was happening seriously. Most of them joked about it as this was not a serious matter. To change that I’ve decided to ask some intellectuals and writers I highly appreciate to write a short text about my stalker’s videos as he was a visual artist and that was his body of works. I think that using this conceptual détournement will paradoxically lead to approach the dick pic as something to be considered more carefully and to better ponder the cultural and relational implications and impact it has on people’s realities." Silvia Giambrone