Project Room | Celine Croze
Spring 2025
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The Project Room at PAC presents SQEVNV, the photographic work of Celine Croze curated by Claudio Composti.
Celine Croze's work always starts by showing a story. To get inside the rift. Fade away and find the time of the world.
There's this animal impulse that borders on urgency and cradles danger. To collect the residues of the action, to touch Man, to sketch the faces of injury or violence, to be as close as possible to it and to get only the material out of it.
She draws on her cinema and fictional writing background a view of the hidden world, beyond the limits we live and see


« Siempre que estemos vivos nos veremos » (SQEVNV)
"As long as we're alive, we'll see each other" is the last sentence Yair told me.
We were on the rooftop of the block 11, the mist enveloped Caracas, the crazy lustle of the city sounded like a funeral lament. It was a bullet to my heart.
The consciousness of its own endings was something both terrible and sublime. Everything was said.
The emergency of life, the fascination for death, the downfall of the country. The extreme violence and the absurdity of the situation gave the impression that life was only a game.


A month later, Yair was shot. He was 27 years old.




Celine Croze (Casablanca,1982) born in Morocco and based in Paris with a background in cinema. She is represented by the sitdown gallery in Paris.
Her work has been presented at the International Photography Meetings of Fez, the Billboard Festival of Casablanca and Istanbul, at the Biennale of Marrakech and Paraguay.
At the Kassel Festival, at Mudima foundation in Milan, at the Manuel Rivera Ortiz foundation for les Rencontres de Arles 2023, in Paris Photo and currently at the focale gallery in switzland (2024)
In 2019 she is the winner of the In Cadaquez festival and the revelation Prize of the festival Face à la mer and the Map Festival with her series "SQEVNV".
In 2020, she is the winner of the Mentor prize for her future project "Mala Madre".
In 2021, she is one of the finalists of the HSBC prize with "SQEVNV
Selected for the Young Talent Springboard at the Planches Contact festival in Deauville, her series "Silence insolent" won the 2021 Audience Award.
In 2022, his book "Siempre Que", published by Lamaindonne, won the Prix Nadar.
In 2023, her photographic film "Mala Madre" won first prize at the Lanuu Screen Festival and the Audience Award at the Nuits Photos in Paris.